At Ambleside, we do not define children by their strengths or weaknesses. Children are not—like unmolded clay—‘incomplete and undeveloped’ beings. Instead we view all children as persons, created in God’s image, with a vast potential for a fruitful life filled with interests and relationships.
— Ambleside Schools International

Who hasn’t been defined by character or ability? “You are very musical”…or athletic, bright, or mathematically inclined, says a teacher. “You are tone deaf, clumsy, average, and have no aptitude for math,” says a grandparent. Defining a child is a common way to identify who he is, to locate something he is good at, to bolster his self-esteem, to place him in the right track in school, to direct his extra-curricular activities.  And yet, in this well-intentioned act, we cannot help but place limits on our students.  At Ambleside, each child is seen as having vast potential.  In fact, we believe that each one, "exceeds our power of measurement." (Charlotte Mason)  And so, we refuse to place labels on them.  We take them as they are and help them to become even better.