Our grade school program provides a rich and rigorous coursework for students in grades 1-8.   Students attend classes Monday - Friday from 8am - 3:15pm.

In the first and second grade classroom, students continue to develop the habits of young scholars.  Giving full attention, narrating well and mastering their bodies are habits that are worked on as they delight in stories and learn the disciplines necessary to read, write and calculate well.

Our third and fourth graders continue to grow in their habits while adding the skills of grammar and composition.  They learn to ask why and how as they delve into formal study of life sciences and world history.  They are guided to be considerate and inclusive of one another which both in the classroom and out.

The fifth and sixth grade classroom allows students a chance to solidify their elementary skills and develop the ability to self-assess.  They approach each subject not as data to memorize, but with the aim of gaining knowledge about the subject, that they might grow in the skill and master it's use.

Before graduating from Ambleside, our Junior High students will have gained strong skills in Algebra, Grammar and Composition.  They will also have learned how to ask deliberate questions and engage in thoughtful discussion.  They will have developed academically, emotionally and spiritually and will be well-prepared for High School.