The union of joy and gentleness is the very temper to be cultivated
— Charlotte Mason

We believe that classroom time is valuable, and so we try not to waste it.  Our daily schedule does not include frivolous busy work or time wasting activities.  When our students are here, they are actively engaged in meaningful learning.  We also recognize that children, especially younger ones, need ample time for rest and play.  They benefit greatly from unstructured time at home playing outdoors and engaging in imaginative endeavors.  It is for this reason that we offer our Kindergarten students a modified schedule.

Kindergarten at Ambleside will be held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8am - 3:15pm.                 2015 - 2016 Tuition is $5300.

Other Ambleside Schools who implement a similar schedule have learned that this allows for greater learning than would be possible with a five day per week schedule.  Young children get tired when they have too many hours in school which leads to our teachers spending a significant amount of time managing exhaustion.  Another benefit is that home life is more peaceful when children are refreshed.

Under our method, children do their work while they are at school and then spend their off days at home enjoying rest, play and additional time with their parent(s).  On their school days, our Kindergarten students enjoy a wide range of subjects which fully prepare them for entering First Grade. 

Kindergarten Coursework Includes:

Bible * Arithmetic * Composer Study * Composition * Froebel Manipulatives * Literature * Geography * Nature Study * Handwork * Picture Study * Handwriting * Poetry * Phonics * Reading * Tales and Fables * Recitation

Do you have questions about Kindergarten at Ambleside?  Please give us a call or use the form below to contact us {830} 388-8865.

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